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Project Paranormal

I've been meaning to post this for days! So many things to do...

While many of my Angel sites are, sadly, no longer open, Project Paranormal most definitely is. It had been suffering from the same coding issues that took out Scribes and the forum, but, we've given it a bit of a spring clean, Mike has updated the coding, and, we hope, it shouldn't be affected by that particular problem again. We've also altered the entry pages so that readers come into the story on season one, which makes more sense.

In addition, while I was scurrying around my old Project files, I found lots of oddments that may be of interest to readers. Notes on behind the scene stuff, pictures, sillyness, ideas we had, that kind of thing. If anyone would be interested, I could maybe put them up on our old journal, projectpara Of course, after all this time people might not care very much, but I thought I'd put the idea out and gauge the reaction.

And talking of old LJ communities, what happened to all the header pictures? My old coms have lost their graphics - I assume you have to pay for them nowadays, but its sad when all the nice graphics have gone.
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