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New Things!

I have a brand new jewellery website that I am just about to launch. If anyone would like to have a quick look around, tell me what you think, and tell me if you see any problems or spelling mistakes, etc, that I've missed? No need to buy anything!! There isn't too much there yet in the nature of products, a bit low after Christmas, but I'm working on filling it up.

I still have my Etsy shop, and since many of my items are one-off, I had a bit of a problem deciding what to put where, but I think the new website is going to lean more heavily on brass, slks, ceramics and other quality materials.


Thank you!

Also, my son Mike, he who laboured on my Buffy websites for nigh on two decades (he doesn't even watch it!) has now got a new game trailer out. It won't be available till next year but if you would like to see the trailer you can view it on Youtube and Steam:

Trailer video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esjXezkVWqc
Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1023560/Cornflake_Crisis/

Also if you've got a Twitter account, and wouldn't mind retweeting for him, you can find that here:  https://twitter.com/mikehive/status/1093206741926449152

So, what's new with you?
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