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Scribes of Angel

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If you have been by Scribes of Angel recently, you will know that there is not a lot happening there right now. It's not for want of trying, I can tell you...

In January I got a new computer. The computer is lovely, Windows 10 is a pain in the behind. At the same time, I installed one of those free word.doc things which works just fine, except, between the new Windows system and the new office format, it has completely screwed up all of my site files.

Mike and I are looking into it, but neither of us have much time nowadays and we don't get together all of that often – so I hate shoving him in front of the computer as soon as he walks in – seems a bit rude...

Anyway. We know you (some of you, anyway) are still visiting and are disappointed at the lack of updates, but we are trying to sort it out. It just might take a while, so, please be patient with us!

Mind you, there are nearly 900 stories on site so its not as if you have nothing to read...!
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