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I’m in a retrospective mood, and been pondering on my fandom activities over the years. Most of my participation has been for the character of Angel or the Buffy/Angel relationship. I doubt I would have done any of this without the support of my family – all of whom I’ve roped in to write stories, make graphics, help with ideas, etc, and in particular – Mike’s technical know-how and support has been staggering. Friends have also learnt not to ask if they can help, because I do take them up on it! Over and over…

So – I made my fandom debut online in January 2001. I have made a total of 17 places for you to visit and enjoy, including websites, journals and a B/A forum. Not all of these were a success, I have to say, and some have closed or are no longer being updated.

Some could not have been done without a tremendous amount of support from friends and other fans, and to those people, I want to say thank you. You know who you are.

I’ve also hosted lots of popular events like Midnight Madness, Cookie Day and IWRY.

I’ve made (with huge support from Mike and my husband) a load of pictures, wallpapers, animated gifs and avatars.

And a whole variety of other content, including:
Games, e-cards, Advent Calendars

I’ve written and posted 98 stories – though some are better than others!

In addition, I’m really proud of the fact that over the years I have held dozens of fiction challenges and therefore provoked hundreds of new stories and graphics.

But the best thing about all of this? Meeting so many of you through my endeavours – its made all that hard work so worthwhile.

Thank you all for being there.
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Happy Cookie Day!

On May 20th 2003, the episode Chosen aired. This was the episode that contained Buffy’s cookie dough speech, and perhaps by now she has finished baking. To commemorate this, five years ago I organised our first B/A Cookie Day. Want to join in?

You can take part by:

· Telling everyone it's Cookie Day!
· Sharing your favourite cookie recipes.
· Eating cookies
· Sharing cookies
· Buying cookies
· Making cookies
· Sharing your B/A cookie drabbles and stories
· Making some cookie-related artwork.

· Spread the Cookie Love!

Oh, and not a B/A fan? Have a cookie anyway...
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Hits on Scribes of Angel have been going down. This is partly my fault, because RL kicked my ass last year and I didn’t have enough time to update it as much as I would like to have done.

While its true that the fandom is quieter than it was, there are plenty of fans still around, but I think they just aren’t finding the site because many of the advertising links I had in place are no longer active. Links get broken, hosting sites vanish, fans desert, etc…

So. If you love Scribes, please help. All I’m asking you to do is give it a mention – on your journals, forums, social media… a quick note anywhere you’ve a mind to will be of so much help!

RL is still a bit manic but, to encourage visitors, I’m going to try and add a whole load of new stories to the site over the next month or so, to make it worthwhile for all your efforts. I just don’t have time to advertise as well…

Thank you.
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Here is a round up of my produce for 2013.

I wrote seven B/A stories last year, including three for IWRY and one for Christmas Warriors. Only one of these has been transferred to LJ so far, but I'm working on it!

1. Just Business - short bit of spanking nonsense!
2. Wild Thing - PWP.
3. Making an Example - post-apocalypse 'punishment' story.
4. Name of the Game - post apocalypse story.
5. Metamorphic - this is a bit of an odd story. You’ll see what I mean when you read it!
6. Stella’s Place - naughty post apocalypse tale.
7. Vampire Realities - humorous (I hope!) Christmas story.

I also finished another HR story, which I thought I’d posted but haven’t. Sorry, been a mad year… I’ll do that shortly, if anyone wants it.

I organised my fourth IWRY Marathon and updated Christmas Warriors - including five brand new stories.

My current sites, in no particular order, are:

Blood Roses Forum
Scribes of Angel
White Carousel
Apocalypse Alley
Midnight Roses
Christmas Warriors

Happy New Year everyone!
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Christmas Warriors has been updated! It includes no less than five brand-new B/A stories!

This is our special Christmas present to you. Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!!
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Does anyone have any Christmas B/A stories they would like to have considered for Christmas Warriors? They don’t need to be new, but if you feel inspired to write something, then that would be a big bonus…

Stories should be B/A, or B/Aus, and can be any length, style or genre. However, they must be finished, standalone, and, obviously, have something to do with Christmas…

Thank you!

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My story for IWRY 2013 is live. But for your convenience, I have re-created it below. I hope you enjoy it!

Name of the GameCollapse )

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The IWRY Marathon 2013 is here!!

Go and read the first new story! All stories have contact info on them, or you can give feedback at iwry_marathon.

I think Mike has excelled himself with our beautiful design this year – did you realise this is the tenth Marathon?

In addition, we’ve added a new page with links to the previous years. So, if you can’t wait until tomorrow… go and visit our Years

Excited yet??
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Ahem…. Weekly update, what’s that?? Yes, its been quiet round here lately… but there has been some activity. Like:

writers_toybox - has had new prompts added.
iwry_marathon - has its doors open for Sign-ups again, and we still have a handful of places left. Join us!
angel_hoard has had some new stories added.

Scribes of Angel - has had a new story added.
Midnight Roses - (Adults Only) has had a brand new story from Kairos added. This is one hot story – and it is only available at Midnight!

Oh, and feel free to say hi. Its awful lonely over here....
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The ‘I Will Remember You’ Fiction Marathon is coming!!

We are looking for thirty writers, to write thirty stories. You can spare one, right??

Signups for this year are going well but we still need more! Come on guys – lets have a good turnout for IWRY – everyone waits so long for it!

You can sign up here or below. If you need to know more - just ask!


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