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My fandom roundup for 2012

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Here is a round up of my fandom offerings for 2012.

I wrote eleven stories – not a bad output for me! All of them are B/A and range from humorous to downright dark. They seem to be a mix of PWP’s, spanking fic (blame spanking_world for those!) and post apocalypse tales. Not all of these have been transferred to LJ yet, but I'm working on it!

1. Feast of the Senses
2. Dead End
3. Paying the Price
4. Lessons
5. Fools Rush In
6. Curses – part thirteen of HR, will only be available at ba_unchained
7. Spring Cleaning
8. A Bit of Rough
9. Falling
10.Thursday’s Child
11.Christmas Meeting

I introduced two new sites and communities:

ba_unchained (private com for my HR series and adult discussion topics)I haven’t decided yet whether moving my series here was a good idea or not, and if anyone has any thoughts on the subject I’d love to hear them.
Apocalypse Alley

I organised another Cookie Day and my third IWRY Marathon

And maintained:

Blood Roses Forum
Scribes of Angel
White Carousel
Midnight Roses
Christmas Warriors

Sadly, ba_rosebuds closed its doors due to lack of participation, but the rosebud prompts do make an appearance at writers_toybox every month or so instead.

I hope you enjoyed my humble offerings last year, and in case you were wondering... yes, I do have lots of plans for this year!
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On January 7th, 2013 05:15 am (UTC), annegables commented:
Your work is very appreciated - wow!
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On January 9th, 2013 09:16 pm (UTC), scribesds replied:
Thank you, it’s my pleasure!
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On January 8th, 2013 07:03 am (UTC), ares132006 commented:
Keeping the dream alive, you.

Thank you so very much.


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On January 9th, 2013 09:17 pm (UTC), scribesds replied:
I do my best! Thank you.
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