Dark Star (scribesds) wrote,
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Scribes of Angel needs you!

Hits on Scribes of Angel have been going down. This is partly my fault, because RL kicked my ass last year and I didn’t have enough time to update it as much as I would like to have done.

While its true that the fandom is quieter than it was, there are plenty of fans still around, but I think they just aren’t finding the site because many of the advertising links I had in place are no longer active. Links get broken, hosting sites vanish, fans desert, etc…

So. If you love Scribes, please help. All I’m asking you to do is give it a mention – on your journals, forums, social media… a quick note anywhere you’ve a mind to will be of so much help!

RL is still a bit manic but, to encourage visitors, I’m going to try and add a whole load of new stories to the site over the next month or so, to make it worthwhile for all your efforts. I just don’t have time to advertise as well…

Thank you.
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