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Annual round-up of fandom produce for 2013.

Here is a round up of my produce for 2013.

I wrote seven B/A stories last year, including three for IWRY and one for Christmas Warriors. Only one of these has been transferred to LJ so far, but I'm working on it!

1. Just Business - short bit of spanking nonsense!
2. Wild Thing - PWP.
3. Making an Example - post-apocalypse 'punishment' story.
4. Name of the Game - post apocalypse story.
5. Metamorphic - this is a bit of an odd story. You’ll see what I mean when you read it!
6. Stella’s Place - naughty post apocalypse tale.
7. Vampire Realities - humorous (I hope!) Christmas story.

I also finished another HR story, which I thought I’d posted but haven’t. Sorry, been a mad year… I’ll do that shortly, if anyone wants it.

I organised my fourth IWRY Marathon and updated Christmas Warriors - including five brand new stories.

My current sites, in no particular order, are:

Blood Roses Forum
Scribes of Angel
White Carousel
Apocalypse Alley
Midnight Roses
Christmas Warriors

Happy New Year everyone!
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